About Me

I grew up never eating the same thing twice… my Mom introduced me and my sisters to some very unusual foods that most people in the 70’s weren’t eating.  Just try explaining what fermenting kim chi is doing on your kitchen counter…. yep, enough said. 

To call my Mom a foodie is the understatement of all time.  She was making strange and delicious dishes when my neighbor friends were eating Mac n’ cheese and meatloaf! My Mom was, and is, the master of making the most of every meal.  She could cut up one chicken and make 2-3 meals for our family of 6. She’s an avid reader and cookbook collector, and thus we were introduced to curries, Kim Chi, pate en croute, sautéed day lily buds and other new and different taste treats from all over the world.  I remember getting to school and having a lunch that included a small ramekin of chicken liver pate with crackers… oh the horrors… everyone else had a PBJ and a Hostess pie!   Somehow, in spite of this mortification, My three sisters and I have survived, thrived and became great cooks too.  Somehow, it just gets in your blood.  It’s so fun to see cooking take hold in my kids, and my nieces and to pass this onto the next generation.

I think I’m addicted to Food Blogs… really.  I like the fun of reading new recipes and getting inspired, but my favorite part is the real life tone and fun that comes through the blogger’s personality. Check out the list of my favorites on my home page.

I was inspired to start my blog because I was a super busy working mom with a hungry family of young adults and a husband… I didn't have time to be as creative as I’d like to be… and often times, I want recipes to cut through all the pretense and just get to the point of cooking without all the attitude. When I look at a great recipe for the first time, I often find myself immediately simplifying it to make it so much easier to get done.  I shop a LOT at Costco, but also Asian Markets, Farmers Markets and even the ole' grocery store.  I often hear people say they just can’t use the quantities that Costco sells, but I think almost anyone can!  I want to show people how they can save time, money and make amazing meals from simple ingredients you can easily have on hand.

Besides cooking and blogging about it, I love to travel, entertain friends, read, hike and go boating!

Thanks for reading,


All my sisters and I chillin' with our Mom on the deck.  We think everyone looks younger in sun glasses, don't you?