Travel Posts

I love to travel;  Trying to find adventure and fun everywhere I go.  

Some of these postings are from business trips, and many are from personal adventures either locally, or internationally. 
Just some snippets of my thoughts and observations while on my adventures.

North America
Arizona Botanical Gardens
Tomato Ginger Bisque, Mama's Fish House -Maui  
Kauai Local Food
Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta Cooking Adventure
Leavenworth's Blue Spirits Distillery
Maui's Bamboo Forest and BOTH Hana Highways 
Maui's Ocean Vodka and Surfing Goat Cheese Adventure
Mama's Fish House- Maui 
Maryhill, Washington- Fine Arts, Wine and Stonehenge?

In n' Out Burger "Animal Style"  
Victoria BC Food Fest
Vancouver- Granville Island, Capilano Suspension bridge and Foodie Fun
Shrimp Fest, Jones Island- Washington's San Juan Island

Elephant Handler for the Day, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Japan- Best Boxed Lunch EVER
Japan Adventure- Part 1
Japan Adventure- The Food- Part 2
Singapore Flying Crab 
Singapore Fruit 
Thai Cooking School & Market Adventure
Tsukiji Fish Market- Tokyo 


Two Days in St. Petersburg
Copenhagen, 3 Perfect Days
Meat Anyone?  A trip to Hamburg 
Herborn, Germany- CUTE!
German Castle Touring Day
Munich at Oktoberfest
Warnemunde, German Seaside Resort
Prague Food Tour, Czech Republic
Iceland- The Weekend Adventure 
Rome Cooking School 
Sicily- Meeting Vini Gambino- Our day at a winery
Stockholm, I'm coming back! 
Tapas Walking Tour -Barcelona
Lil' Ole Estonia 
Venice- Day trip to Murano and Burano
Venice- Rialto Food Market & Cicchetti Walking Tour

Jamaica's Blue Hole & Jerk Chicken
Turkish Spice Market Delight
Business Class Food Experiences

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