Monday, November 16, 2020

Paper Airplane Cocktail


Just about the easiest cocktail ever.  Equal parts of 4 things...

OK, so you do have to buy a couple special ingredients, namely the Aperol and the Amaro. There are dozens of types of Amaro, and technically Aperol is also an Amaro.  Amaro is an Italian bitter-sweet herbal mixture, sometimes sipped on its own, but I like to add it to other cocktails! Be sure to Google Amaro and read up on the many varieties available. 

I'd bought my Aperol when I came through Duty Free a couple years ago, and frankly I hadn't used it that much and it was staring at me in all it's orange glory.  Now I'm sure you're saying "why not an Aperol Spritz?".  Well folks, I am one those people who really do not like my wine mixed with Aperol and topped with soda water. Refreshing?  Yes! Still, it is not my favorite, give me a nice sauvignon blanc or a rose on a hot summer's day and I will be much happier,

My love of this cocktail and Amaro comes from a local Italian place called Amaro Bistro!  At our first happy hour there, I had the good foresight to order "the paper airplane".  This cocktail feels like a classic that's been around for a long time, but apparently invented by a NYC bartender in 2007.

P.S. I am sure you can see that we started this cocktail well before it was 5pm.... like they say, it was 5pm somewhere! It was the perfect Sunday afternoon Covid cocktail!

This recipe makes two small cocktails:

1 jigger amaro di Nonna (dark amaro)

1 jigger Aperol amaro

1 jigger of bourbon or rye

1 jigger of lemon juice

**Now a jigger is about 1.5 oz measure (like in the picture below), where I filled it up 4 times, once with each ingredient above. I added it to a ice filled martini shaker and shake, shake, shake, I added it to our cute little glasses.

*You can use any measuring device... a 1/4 cup measure would work well too and produce two slightly larger martinis (win, win!)

I chose to garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme (but rosemary would work too) and a little curl of lemon zest. Honestly? It doesn't even need a garnish...

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Green Salsa with Tomatillos & Avocado

Working from home this year, I have missed many things. One of them is definitely connecting with people at work over food, like potlucks!  My coworker brings the best green salsa and we are all wild about it.  Luckily she shared her recipe, so I was able to make my own.

Note- In a true "Got It Cook It" fashion, I substituted canned pickled jalapenos as I was out of fresh chilies. While this tasted really good, I think that a fresh serrano chili (or two) is best!

Makes about 2 cups


7-8 tomatillos (depending on size)

2 tbsp. of olive oil

1-2 serrano chiles (depending on how spicy you want it)

½ of a small onion, chopped

4 cloves of garlic (depending on size)

1 handful of cilantro

2 avocados

½ lime

1 tsp of chicken bouillon seasoning

1 tsp pepper

Salt to taste

Water to cover

Fill a pot with enough water to boil the peeled tomatillos. Boil tomatillos for about 5 min or until soft but don’t let them burst. Drain water and add tomatillos to blender.

Add 1 (of the 2) tbsp. of olive oil to a pan and sauté serrano chiles, onion and garlic on med/med high heat until slightly browned. Add to blender.

Add remaining ingredients to blender. Blend to combine, but don't process too long, you will want to have a very slight texture for best appearance.

Add water to change consistency if too thick, I added about 1/3 cup while blending it Adjust salt to taste.