Friday, August 26, 2011

Good Night Irene Cocktail

Listening to all the news reports on tv, online and radio, we're all freaked about the hurricane.

I was laying in the sun, 3,000 miles away from the threat, but thinking of what it might do.  I loved that the media had used the title "Good Night Irene" from the folk song, a song I've always loved.

How to make a cocktail in honor of bidding Irene adieu?
Well, first, it needs to be "on the rocks".... don't you think?
It started in the tropics, so maybe something with orange, hmmm, let's say Grand Mariner.
Now what goes with Orange? 
Well... chocolate does, so let's add Creme de Cacao chocolate liqueur.  
Orange seltzer, Orange vodka, and little citrus simple syrup.
Hmmm, tastes good, but needs a little something.
Yup, Irene is a bitter pill to swallow and it was just the thing to make this one.

This is a sweet cocktail, so probably you will like it best after dinner, right before you put Irene to bed... umm, I mean yourself to bed.

1/2 jigger of creme de cacao (on the bottom)
1 jigger orange vodka
1/2 jigger citrus simple syrup (*optional)
2 jiggers orange seltzer
2-3 shakes aromatic bitters
1/2 jigger Grand Mariner liqueur (floated on top)
1 broken up drink umbrella

In a double old fashioned glass (which is more stable in a hurricane) add ice, layer it all up in the order listed, adding a turned inside out umbrella as a garnish.

*If you don't want it too sweet, you could leave out the citrus simple syrup.

Enjoy, repeat as necessary!

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