Saturday, June 15, 2013

In n' Out Burger "Animal Style"

There are lots of articles about the famous In n' Out Burger chain, with their super secret squirrel menu. However, all the info on that menu is readily available on the Internet, so recently when we were in Arizona, we brought it up on our phones in order to figure out what to order.
How easy is that?
I'm from Seattle, we really think that Dick's Burgers are "the bomb", but since Arizona has this famous chain,  it seemed to us that we should see all they could offer.
And offer, they did...
My hubby did the ordering, dropping almost ALL of the secret menu bombs. I hung back... sorta embarrassed... couldn't believe he would try ordering all those terms in one order.
All his requests were speedily and efficiently satisfied. That young gal never even acknowledged that this was out of the ordinary. OMG... It worked just fine.

I have to say, that burger was one of the most satisfying burgers I've had at a fast food place.  Lots of yummy flavors and fresh veggies too. I'm glad I don't live closer.

Here's what we got. 
Two burgers, "Animal Style" which is two burger patties grilled in mustard (!), topped with cheese, grilled onions, pickles (not usually included on their burgers) and extra sauce.  We also ordered the hot yellow chili peppers that come in a little baggie to add yourself, OR you can request 'chopped chilies" to get them added to your burger.

Here's the Neapolitan Shake; Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry milkshakes layered into one cup. We got one to share...  just seemed too decadent to have one each. And a diet Pepsi... hahaha.

I regret not ordering "animal fries" which is essentially fresh fries with melted cheese, grilled onions and special sauce.

Here's a little Arizona sunset shot to enjoy while you digest.

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