Friday, April 6, 2012

Irish Coffee Martini with Bailey's Whip Cream

Would you feel sorry for me if I told you I've been doing research on an Irish martini since St. Patrick's day?
I figured as much.
It started with an idea for an Irish Car Bomb Martini.  An Irish Car Bomb drink is kind of an Irish boiler maker.... take a pint a Guiness drop in a shot of whiskey and a shot of Bailey's and CHUG it.  I'm not too much of a chugger, but I like the idea of the combo.
Except there is a huge issue... the Guiness immediately curdles when you add Bailey's and whiskey. It's totally disgusting, which is why, I guess, people chug that drink.  Making a curdled martini cured me from ever, EVER, drinking an Irish Car Bomb.

Here is a much prettier, safer and more delicious martini to enjoy after dinner instead of dessert!
I think I might even make the coffee simple syrup with decaf Starbucks Via next time, so I can sleep like a baby. 

Makes 1 martini (whip cream serves 2)

2 jiggers Jameson whiskey
2 jigger coffee simple syrup (easy recipe below)
Note: If it's too sweet for your liking, add 1 jigger cold coffee or 1 jigger sparkling water.
I liked it both ways!

1/2 cup whip cream, whipped into soft peaks
2 Tbsp Baileys

Coffee Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 cup white
1 package of Starbucks Via instant coffee (any flavor)

Here's a little photo bomb for you, from someone who was impatient to sample the goods. I was actually pretty annoyed with him. But, he was pretty complimentary about the drink, so he is forgiven.

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