Monday, July 14, 2014

Peach Almond Semifreddo

Old, creamy, sweet and delicious.
Not usually things that are paired with low calorie, but this one is!

Made this other morning and enjoyed it on a hot humid evening on the deck, just perfect.
I'd like to give credit for the recipe, but I put this one in "draft" mode so long ago, when it came time to make it, I now have no idea.  Lots of semifreddo's on the internet if you look for them.

Easy, just yogurt (or whipped cream) mixed with beat egg whites and an egg yolk.
So, if you are weirded out by uncooked eggs, this recipe is probably not for you.

As you can see, the recipe title says "almonds" but clearly, I have used pecans in my photo. Why??
I was fresh out of almonds... that's why.
Use what you "got"... got berries and walnuts, do a semifreddo with that instead. 
Mix it up, make it yours.

Makes one 4x8 loaf pan, serves about 6

1 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1 egg, separated
1/3 cup honey, or agave syrup
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla
3 egg whites (use the white from above, plus 2 more)
2 medium peaches, pitted and diced
1/3 cup chopped almonds, pecans or hazelnuts, toasted

Line a 8x4x5 loaf pan with plastic wrap, over hanging all four sides*
Mix yogurt, egg yolk, honey and extracts
In another bowl, beat egg whites into stiff peaks.
With rubber spatula, fold egg whites into the yogurt mixture.  
Gently stir in peaches and nuts. 
Add to loaf pan, and carefully cover the top with the plastic wrap.
Freeze for 2-3 hours, or longer.
Slice (carefully with a serrated knife) and serve.

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  1. I think of myself as a junior foodie (at least next to my pal Piper) :-) but I had not heard of a semifreddo before..but it sounds awesome! Its on the list to make this week.