Sunday, March 22, 2015

Train Wreck Bar- Bloody Mary & Breakfast Skewers in a Jar

The first time I saw this place was from a train.
Not a wreck though, thankfully.
Just heading up to Vancouver on the Amtrak and noticed a cute place right by the tracks, The Train Wreck Bar
Later on, I heard about the place from a friend, who posted a picture of her bloody Mary one weekend morning. Except it wasn't a typical bloody Mary that you might get with your breakfast to recuperate after a particularly fun night before. THIS bloody Mary included the breakfast on the skewers and they served it all at once.

So we grabbed some friends and headed to this 21yr/older bar for breakfast.  The line was out the door, always a good sign.

Ordering was easy, we all wanted The Train Wreck Breakfast Bloody Mary with Sriracha vodka please!

You'd think the quality might not be great, but it WAS!  Food was hot, and very tasty.  I especially like the bacon wrapped potatoes, but the mini biscuit breakfast sandwich with egg and ham were the bomb too!

Now, this little gem comes at a big price tag, however, if you think of a price of a normal breakfast out ($10-$12 entrees) plus a bloody Mary on the side, you're still looking at a combined price of about the $18.99 shown below.  And the FUN factor?  Well, that is priceless.
We were like kids in a candy store when our "breakfast" arrived.

Kids... in a candy store. Hahaha.

Here's a picture of another table's order of 4.  Isn't that fun?
...It sort of looks like that bartender is naked here, but I promise she wasn't.

When we were finished, we waddled to the door and hit the tracks outta town.  A very fun time. My advice?  Get there early because when they run out "skewers" pre-made for this dish/drink, then they are done serving for the day.

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