Friday, July 22, 2016

New Fashioned

Some people think that regular Old Fashion cocktails are "too boozy".
Hmmm, is that a real thing?  LOL
Here's a nice version that will appeal to many, including me.  
Perfect for a summer evening. 
Tastes like pure sunshine, even in the rain.

One little note, you do need to buy a special liqueur with the Peter Herring Cherry liqueur, but if you like cherries at all, then I would recommend you have this in your cabinet.  Might taste a bit like cough syrup on it's own, but it's darn good in your drinks! Peter Herring is a 100 year brand very well known for this cherry stuff, imported from the Denmark

I also use Lemon Pellegrino, which can be hard to find, but all lemon lime soda works, we've even used  diet 7Up successfully. 

Makes one

1 jigger bourbon
1/2 jigger maraschino liqueur
1/2 jigger lemon simple syrup (my blog post for simple syrup)
1 jigger orange juice
2 jiggers lemon pellegrino
Dash of bitters -Angostura and orange bitters (optional)
2 orange slices
2 maraschino cherry 

Fill two glasses with ice, orange slice and cherry.
In an ice filled cocktail shaker, mix everything except the soda,  shake to mix, pour over ice.  Top with lemon pellegrino or other lemon soda.

I've done some other Old Fashioneds
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