Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Piper's Top 10 Martini Recipes 2013

June 19th is National Martini Day.
Who knew martinis had their own special day?
Well... me, after a Facebook friend told me.
I have about 5 martini recipes in "draft" mode, but I thought I would christen this special day with a listing of MY past favorite martinis.

Don't hassle me about these being girlie martinis, and all that, because if you want a manly martini do this:
Vodka, vermouth, shake (don't stir) strain into a glass and garnish with an olive, or a twist.

Not sure if Martini's were created first in the late 1880's or in 1911 in NYC, nowadays, over 50% of cocktails are served in a martini glass.Join the ranks of James Bond, Hemingway, Bogart and Clark Gable and look instantly more suave with a martini in your hand.

Blackberry Raindrop Martini  
Not the best picture, but one of the best things to have on a Summer's evening.

Burning Ring of Fire Martini
Not for the faint of heart, perfect for love, Valentine's Day and all that.

Coconut Water Martini
Hands down, my favorite all time martini.  It's the first one we ever paid more than $10 for (ok... a long time ago...).  Still our first choice to enjoy together.

Honey Badger Martini
Not my favorite,  but definitely the one with the funniest stories attached to it.  Sure to encite you to watch YouTube and not feel like giving a sh*t anymore.

Irish Coffee Martini with Bailey's Cream 
A night time favorite.  Bailey's whip cream might be the best stuff on Earth.

Ocean Mile
Okay, so obviously this is a mixed drink, over ice.  I'm just saying you could all the Blue curaco to the bottom of your glass and shake up everything else over ice and strain over the Blueness to get a martini version of a Ocean Mile.  OR, you could try the Blue Lagoon which is dedicated to my cute daughter with blue hair.

Pineapple Jalapeno Martini Margarita
I will admit to liking spicy... what about you?  This is the one.  Lip numbing deliciousness.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini 
A sunset in a glass.

Tiramisu Martini
Dessert anyone?  I prefer this to that soggy Italian layered dessert everyone seems to like so much.


What the Pho Martini
Certainly the best named martini and a delicious spicy savory martini like no other!

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