Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Banana Pudding Trifle

Banana pudding
Some crazy Southern dessert that so many people talked about.
Okay! I'm in, I'm gonna try it.
So I did some research...
Imagine how disappointed/confused/amazed that most recipes for it called for VANILLA pudding.
Wait a sec... isn't it BANANA pudding?
Why the heck wouldn't you use banana pudding into your dish along with fresh bananas?
Why wouldn't you want a double wallop of banana?
Well I DO.
So that's what this recipe calls for.
Oh, you're a traditionalist?
Feel free to substitute vanilla, by all means! Who I am to tell you what to do?

NOTE: I wish my picture was better, but in the need to serve this after a big Thanksgiving dinner last year (plus a wee bit of wine), I never did take a picture with the fresh whipped cream on top.  My Advice?  Do it ahead, and use my Stable Whipped Cream Frosting.

NOTE NOTE:  My daughter is gluten free and was a bit chagrined that she was given pudding layered with bananas in a fancy dish instead of the Trifle  She ate it, all the while saying "I've never had pudding for Thanksgiving".  It still makes me laugh, because obviously pudding doesn't seem like a "real" dessert, but it IS yummy. Spring for some gluten free cookies and do a separate one for those loved peeps.

I happen to be the biggest banana flavored FAN of pudding/candy/ice cream/Popsicle girl out there.
I actually like artificial banana more than real banana flavor.
It's my dirty little secret.  
Banana Laffy Taffy anyone? 
Psych, I'm not sharing.

Makes a big batch, serves 10

4-6 bananas
2 boxes cooked banana pudding, prepared to directions on box, cooled
1 box Nilla wafers
2 cups heavy cream, whipped (OR 1 recipe, Stable Whipped Cream Frosting)

Make the pudding according to the box directions.  Don't bother using diet or instant pudding... it gets watery and icky.  Just go for the "real" stuff.  Cool the pudding.

In the bottom of a bowl, pan, baking dish or pie plate, make a layer of Nila wafers on the bottom. 
Top with pudding.
Top with sliced bananas.
Repeat until you run out of ingredients or room in your chosen dish.
Top with whipped cream and SERVE.

Be Happy! 

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