Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smokey Bourbon Caesar Cocktail

We had a 7 hour layover in Calgary recently, and had a blast going to lunch at the Calgary Tower (tall rotating restaurant like our own Space Needle).  

We spied a place for a beer in the sunshine before heading back to the airport.  The place was a total hoot, as we wandered into a Cowboy Gay Bar!  Yeah, we had a great time meeting some new friends and enjoying a cold beer in the hot sunshine with good looking cowboys all around.  But, the menu for cocktails was exceedingly intriguing to me, so I snapped a shot of the cocktail menu (see below) so I could make the Smokey Bourbon Caesar Cocktail when I got home.  

I was really, really surprised to find out what I thought included tomato juice (it might have been the beer goggles... lol) was actually orange juice.


I struggled with this one.
I just wasn't feeling it.
I'm going to have to think about that for a while.

Well, today "a while" came and I decided to whomp some of these cocktails together for brunch.
Maybe it's not for everyone as most people don't put bourbon, pickles and worcestershire into their OJ, however, we really liked them.
For the record, I believe that this cocktail would be terrific with tomato juice instead of orange juice too!

Makes 1

1 jigger Bourbon
1/2 jigger Drambuie
2-3 jiggers orange juice
Dash Tabasco
Worcestershire Sauce
Squeeze of Lime 
Pickle Spear, garnish
Crisp Bacon, garnish

In an ice filled glass, add the bourbon, the hot sauce and the worcestershire sauce. Give it a stir.  Add the orange juice, a squeeze of lime, with a float of Drambuie.  Add pickle and bacon garnish.  Serve at once.

Just in case you thought I was making this up, here's the menu:

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