Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Top 10 Posts

It's been quite a year.

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure I had enough recipes and things to talk about.
I was wrong.  The more and more I thought about what I wanted to make, the more ideas popped into my head and I wanted to talk about it. I put most of my energies into my blog almost all year before starting a new career and moving into the a new house with, finally, a gourmet kitchen in November & December. 
It's been a fantastic year, lots of fun, change and new things coming my way. I'm not sure what it holds, but I do intend to keep cooking, blogging and eating & sharing recipes with friends.

While the year is coming to an end, I look back at these Top 10 most popular recipes and reflect. 
Who knew that so many of them would be cupcake recipes? 
FIVE of my top 10 recipes are cupcakes... wow, that is totally surprising to me. 
I hadn't made cupcakes in years before starting this blog, and frankly, I am not a huge fan of cake.  But cupcakes, are... well... special.  Each one is decorated just for one person and somehow it just seems special when you are on the receiving end.  It's easy to say NO to cake, not so easy with CUPCAKES! My number one recipe, Junior Mint Cupcakes is probably only number one because it was featured on another cupcake website, called Cupcakestakethecake.com and the traffic flew in, and continues to.

It's also funny that two of my Top 10 are cocktails, because I've always liked wine and beer as my drink of choice. The two cocktails were special occasions that happened to me, and made me what to share them with you.  I like both these drinks very much and somehow I am very flattered that they are so popular.

Two other savory dishes on the list are really 'fast' food or street food, if you will.

I think that my Taco recipe is only popular because of the spicy coleslaw without mayo. Most recipes just serve fish tacos with shredded cabbage.  This salad makes the whole dish and it is my favorite salad. 

The other recipe, Chicken Frankie, is kind of an Indian taco that I got to try first hand in St. Maarten this December, months after being intrigued with the idea.  My version is messier than the 'real one' but I know it's more tasty and has fresh flavors and textures.

I just may write a posting of MY PERSONAL Top 10 things that I have blogged about. Some of these dishes are things I've made for years, or things I just discovered and have made many times this year.  They are 100% savory recipes, not a cupcake in the bunch... Mmmmm....except maybe those Pumpkin Cheesecake Molasses Buttercream cupcakes.
Here is a link to my Top 10 Six Month Anniversary posting.  Four recipes are the same, but lots of other newcomers.

June 2011 Top 10 Six Month Anniversary

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