Friday, April 5, 2013

The Sargent MacGregor- Gimlet Martini

It was a great birthday this year.  
Lots of surprises and fun high jinks.
One of the biggest surprises was coming down stairs to a kitchen still dirty from the party the night before... OH... whew.  The party was worth it though. Even if that dirty kitchen was giving me a headache.  It was the dirtiness, nothing else.  Hahaha

But the biggest surprise was still to be discovered.
I had a bunch of wine gift bags that didn't get unpacked the night before. 
Which is kind of surprising considering the amount of 'dead soldiers' on the counters...
Anyway, I started on loading the dishwasher, and unloading the wine bags.
Well, well, one of them wasn't wine!  
It was St Germain Elderflower liqueur!  
Some of you may remember that I did some grousing of the cost of this liqueur when I made the French 76 Cocktail!  Two of my friends remembered that. This newly created cocktail is dedicated to my friends with last names of MacGregor and Sargent.  I was so thrilled with their surprise that my husband suggested the name for the cocktail, "the Sargent MacGregor".  It's something that makes you stand up and take notice, just as these friends can't help but naturally command when you hang with them.  
Love ya gals, thanks for the surprise!  
Sorry this post is so late after my January birthday...

Note:  Remember- a jigger is about 1-2 oz, but any like size measuring cup would work, like a 1/8 or 1/4 cup. It's the ratios that are most important.

FYI, a Gimlet is nothing more than vodka mixed with Rose's lime juice with a lime twist on the rocks.  Awesome...

Makes one BIG martini

2 jiggers vodka
1 jigger St. Germain
1 jigger Rose's Lime Juice
Squeeze of Lime, Lemon
Sparkling water, lemon lime flavor, to taste

Pour all ingredients (except the sparkling water) into a beverage shaker filled with ice.  Shake, shake, shake and pour into a martini glass.  Top with a float of sparkling water and garnish with a twist of lime, or a lime slice.

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