Friday, November 25, 2011

What should I do with leftover TURKEY?

Here's some ideas for all that leftover turkey. 
You know the obvious stuff, like turkey sandwiches and turkey noodle soup... Right?
But what if you want something more exciting?  What if you have a bunch of leftover turkey?  Most, if not all of these recipes contain chicken, but would work great for cooked turkey too! Most are pretty quick and easy too.

My favorite way to use the leftover turkey and turkey broth by a landslide
Chicken Tortilla Soup

A family favorite, and it's fantastic with turkey!
Malayasian Curry with 10 Boy Condiments

A zippy version of regular enchiladas
 Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

Feeling kind of stuffed, maybe a salad would be in order
California Chicken Salad with Avocado & Grapefruit

Get out of the crockpot, and try this one!
Chicken White Bean Chili

Kind of a basic thing to do, but a great way to get rid of the leftovers bits and pieces. Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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  1. The chicken pot pie sounds like good comfort food. I'm going to try that even though I have no turkey leftovers.