Saturday, December 14, 2013

Clementine Cranberry Martini

Clementines; I always buy them at this time of the year.
When I get home, I remember that I prefer Satsumas as they are easier to peel and have no seeds.
So, I had all these Clementines wasting away in our fruit bowl...
They tasted really good, however, they were small and tricky to peel.
Which at my house means they just don't get eaten.

Tonight, I ran to the grocery store and "HEY" - - they finally had the Satsumas on sale!
So, I bought a box with my happy face on... and then I came home and saw my fruit bowl mostly filled with 10 sad little clementines, starting to look a little dry and even harder to peel.... dang it, now I feel bad.

I know!
How about a Clementine juice and cranberry juice martini?
Why yes, what a delightful idea.
Here it is.

A couple of things...  you could make this recipe with orange juice instead, it just might be easier if you are fresh out of old Clementines. Hahaha.
Also, I know that not everyone has a fridge of simple syrups in various flavors... however, if you like to make martinis, italian sodas or flavored coffees, you really ought to try it- my recipe is HERE.  IF you don't have simple syrup, you could substitute a bit more juice, a bit more vodka, Grand Mariner or even Triple Sec.

Makes 2-3 martini's

2 jiggers cranberry juice (each jigger is about 2 oz, or 1/4 cup)
2 jiggers clementine juice, fresh squeezed
2 jiggers vodka, or citrus vodka
1 jigger lemon simple syrup*
1 jigger Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec

Make the lemon simple syrup (if using) and cool.
Squeeze Clementines, or substitute orange juice.
Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice.  
Shake, shake, shake
Pour into a martini glass and garnish with a bit of orange and a cranberry or two.  Even a twist of lemon would be good.

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