Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blueberry Tea

Still snowing here and it's just after 3pm, which makes it "snow day" cocktail time, doesn't it?
Yep, Blueberry Tea isn't much tea at all, more of a cocktail.  It's a strange combination of liqueurs; Grand Marnier (my favorite!) and Amaretto- somehow that magical mixture makes a blueberry part.  Plus hot tea, that's the tea part. 

Mmmm, tastes like hot Blueberry Tea.  Really! Or close enough... 
You don't need a snifter, but it is how they are served in restaurants because it helps to concentrate the wonderful aromas wafting from your glass, but you can use a mug.

Stay warm folks, can't believe the snow hasn't let up all day. Yuck.

Makes one

1 jigger Grand Mariner (1 oz.)
1 jigger Amaretto (1 oz.)
1 tea bag, orange pekoe or black tea
1 snifter
Hot water

Add the liqueurs to a snifter, add the tea bag and then fill with hot water.  NOTE:  Water shouldn't be too boiling; you don't want to break your glass.  Let the tea steep for a minute or two, then sip and enjoy.

Be careful, the snifter is pretty hot, you're going to have it hold it from the footed bottom for a while!

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