Wednesday, November 26, 2014

8 Things on MY Own Thanksgiving Table

Happy almost Thanksgiving to YOU and Yours, whoever they may be.
Hold those dear to you close and tell them that you love them.
Make the most of the holiday and connect with your peeps.

It's not about shopping, or eating, or drinking, its about TOGETHERNESS.
Embrace it, embrace each other, embrace yourself.

Maybe you wondered what do I do on Thanksgiving?

Well, just like you, I get tired, stressed and I start to think of ways I can ditch this whole mess and head for the hills.... oh, but then I tough talk myself in to remembering it's about togetherness, not really about the food.
I know, I know, lots of those peeps at your table may think its about the food.
But really, it's about being together, at the same table and enjoying your  time together.

So, besides Turkey, potatoes and gravy... here's what else is on my own table for Thanksgiving!   Here's our favorites, many of these are Gluten Free too as our daughter and a niece are GF too.

I do this with a gluten free cornbread Chorizo Chipotle Cornbread Stuffing


I have got to get a better picture of this stuff.... this has turned into my favorite Thanksgiving item. Sourdough and Sausage Stuffing


Two instant classics at our house last year, this is my ultimate favorite.

I never even knew I liked brussel sprouts!
Call it a side dish, a salad, whatever- it's delicious!

A couple people are our house are pumpkin haters!  Awful, I know, but here's what we make them: Pecan Pie with Kahlua 


New this year, eat some Cranberry bars, really I cannot stop eating these things

Eat the My sister in law's traditional Yummy Nuts.
Over 20 years, and we're still eating them. Gawd, I hope she's bringing them, I didn't make them this year.


Finally, what about a little hot toddy as you sit with family and friends?
Sing a little song, tell some jokes, play some cards, watch YouTubes of Cat videos.
I'm not saying that what we'll do, but heck, why would this year be any different?

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