Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Top 10 Most Popular Blog Postings

It's been quite a year in 2012.

I posted about half as many recipes that I did in 2011, but in spite of all that, I've had a great year of hits and traffic to my blog.  I have proven to myself that I can work full time "plus", and also keep a blog updated too.  I've had a good time sharing with you all, let's keep this party going in 2013 and try some more new recipes.  

2011's Top 10 was all about the cupcakes, with five in my Top 10, but not one this year!
I have to note that three of my top 10 are martini's or mixed drinks, which is new from last year.  I'm really having fun with inventing new combinations, or highlighting classic beverages. I've noticed that even though so many people proclaim to be eating healthy, they still like the sugar and booze recipes. Everybody needs a little treat every once in a while.

Here's the top recipes that I posted in 2012, there are actually 11 listed as I had a last minute tie in the week before New Years!

#1- Chicken Artichoke Chicken  
Honestly, with this one, I think that people are just looking for ways to use up leftover artichoke dip and want some ideas.  I made an "instant" dip for my recipe, which turned out so yummy.  Don't worry about making a sauce, like I did, it would be terrific without it too.

#2 Nordy Bars 
A classic bar cookie that is beyond wonderful...
#3 Pina Colada Martini
I like a pina colada even better as a martini! 

#4 Burning Ring of Fire  
Something yummy for cinnamon lovers, originally we had this on Valentine's Day.
#5 Cooking Light Creamed Spinach  
This does not taste like it is healthy, but it is not overloaded with fat and calories.  

#6 BBC      Banana, Bailey's and Coconut Colada
This sort of tastes like a healthy smoothie, just be careful, these will sneak up on you.  I would suggest keeping some ripe, peeled bananas in your freezer for BBC emergencies.
#7 Lemon Curd Trifle
 Made this for Easter last year, but very easy to make any time you have fresh berries.   

#8 Garlic Shrimp Scampi on Spaghetti Squash 
I posted this last January, when we were trying to eat more healthily and cut some carbs.  A nice solution that tastes decadent.

#9 Marinated EdamameTofu Salad  
Another healthy choice, great for lunches or even a side salad or light dinner.  

Tied for #10.... it was fun to see how fast the Prawn Queso Dip came up the ranks as the holidays approached

#10 Polenta with truffle oil and arugula 
I am really surprised that this recipe made it to the Top 10.  Yes, it was delicious, and very easy too.  But really, I know most people don't have truffle oil and fresh arugula hanging around... do they?  If you don't, you really ought to invest in some truffle oil, because it makes any dish taste very special.

#10 Prawn Queso Dip
This recipe wasn't that popular when I first posted it, but has been on fire the whole month of December.  We loved this dip so much, we made a dinner of it! Maybe you shouldn't do that...
Also, I made this a second time with nonfat cream cheese, which we did NOT like!

Here's my Top 10 from 2011, in case you are wondering!
Top 10 Most Popular Posts 2011 
My Personal Favorite Top 10 in 2011

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